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Chile And Serbia Vaccinate Faster Than The European Union

Chile and Serbia have already injected a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine to more than 17% of the population. The European Union administered a vaccine to only 6% of Europeans.

How Does India Use Internet Access As A Political Tool?

Internet access is often used by Indian authorities for public order but also for national sovereignty and fears of secession.

No More Junk Food Next To Mexican schools?

The Mexican Senate unanimously voted against the junk food to be sold next to schools. This is the latest effort in reducing the country’s staggering child obesity rate.

Why Would British Think They Are Working Class Even If They Are Not?

Some British people would identify themselves with working-class origins even if they don’t have any.

A Pandemic Side Effect: Car Makers Are Last In Line In The Microchip Shortage

The pandemic increased demand in micro chips. This shortage has also an impact on cars makers

Natural Cubic Poop: The Secrets of The Wombat Discovered​

Scientists who studied the Wombat digestion process found different levels of flexibility in the intestine. This would help roll the fecal matter and create edged shapes. Such cubic excrements are unique in nature.