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Argentina Tries to Avoid Defaulting Debt Payment

Argentina has been trying to postpone a payment of US $2.4 billion due for the end of May. Two months after the deadline, the country would be defaulting. A race against time has started.

Get Vaccinated and Become a Millionaire

California launched a lottery with a $116.5 million in prize money to encourage people get vaccinated. It is the largest pot in a series of money-incentive state initiatives.

Qatar Gives $500M to Palestine; The US $360M

Qatar announced it will send $500 million to help rebuild Gaza. The United States also brings $360 million. Far more than the EU or the UK.

Morocco Representatives Vote For Legal Cannabis

Morocco will soon make cannabis legal for therapeutic, cosmetic and industrial use. The government sees a business and development opportunity.

Humanitarian Aid With Masks And Cocaine in Colombia

In Colombia, the humanitarian plane carried face masks and cocaine. The scandal reached a TV celebrity whose husband own the plane.

First Man Vaccinated from Covid Died

William Shakespeare, the homonym of the famous writer, died in a Coventry hospital from a disease unrelated to Covid-19. He was the first man in the world who received a Covid vaccine.