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South Korea Used Cryptocurrency to Stop Tax Fraudsters

Police in South Korea seized $47 million from tax fraudsters who hid their assets in cryptocurrency. It used their phone numbers;

Sweden Prime Minister Ousted by Parliament

The Swedish Prime Minister lost a no-confidence vote in the parliament, a first in the country’s history. He will either resign or announce new elections.

Diamond Hopes Crushed in South Africa

Some stones found in a South African village were thought to be diamonds. As hundreds rushed into the area, the stones are actually quartz.

$1.5 Billion To Help Venezuelan Refugees

The International community pledged to provide $1.5 billion USD for helping the 5.6 million Venezuelan refugees who fled the country since 2015. Venezuela calls it a “political propaganda operation”.

Hong Kong Police Raids Newspaper Office, Copies Increase Sixfold

The Hong Kong Police arrested five executives from the publication Apple Daily for a potential violation of the controversial national security law. The next day, the newspaper printed 500,000 copies, more than the usual 80,000 copies.

Venezuela Accuses Employees Of Stealing Public Money With IT Software

Venezuela accuses citizens to have used AnyDesk to remotely have access to bank accounts and passwords.Three of them worked for the Ministry of Finance.