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Germany and France Will Stop Chick Culling

The two largest egg producers of the European Union will forbid chick culling in 2022 and become the first countries in the world to do so.

In Czechia, Supreme Court Rules for Online Retailers While Shops are Closed

In Czech Republic, the delivery of goods bought from online stores was banned when traditional shops had to remain closed during public holidays. But the Supreme Court ruled in favour of a major online retailer.

Large Banks Can Resume with Dividends

The large US and UK banks can resume distributing dividends. The European Central Bank will remove restrictions in September 2021.

Lufthansa Adopts Gender-Neutral Greetings

Lufthansa group will remove “Ladies and Gentlemen” from their welcome speech to passengers. The airline industry is moving forward more gender-neutral and inclusive communications.

Uruguay Will Negotiate Without Mercosur

Uruguay decides to take its distance with Mercosur by negotiating directly with third countries, escalating the disagreement with Argentina over the strategy of common external tariffs.

International Tourism is Back to The ’80s

The coronavirus pandemic could cause a loss of $4 trillion to the global GDP because of struggles in international tourism. It’s equivalent to a year of Germany’s GDP. Losses in 2020 were steeper than forecasted. 100 million jobs are directly at stake. Developing countries suffer the most.

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