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South Korea Used Cryptocurrency to Stop Tax Fraudsters

Police in South Korea seized $47 million from tax fraudsters who hid their assets in cryptocurrency. It used their phone numbers;

Indonesia Plans to Tax Premium Food Items

In a fiscal optimization reform, Indonesia plans to increase the value-added tax rate and remove food or education services from the non-taxable categories.

Moroccan King Instructed Affordable Tickets, Airline Complied

The Moroccan King asked the transportation industry to allow affordable tickets for Moroccans leaving abroad willing to come back in the country this summer.

Unresolved Animal Welfare Issues Exposed in Norway

In 2019, the industrials promoted the guarantee of pig welfare after the publication of a video documentary. In 2021, videos show up again and contest issues have been resolved.

Italy Accuses of Tax Evasion

According to the Italian authorities, the online booking platform didn’t pay 153 million euros of valued-added tax between 2013 and 2019.

Record-High Unemployment Rate in South Africa

South Africa never recorded an unemployment rate that high. It lost 1.4 million jobs in a year, comparatively more than the United States. Discouraged work-seekers increased by 7.3% in a year.