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Portuguese Airline Adds Staff Representative to the Board

TAP Airlines will have a staff representative elected in the board of directors. It comes as a surprise but may give ideas to other companies in turmoil.

Argentina Halts Beef Export for 30 days, Farmers Stop Commerce

Argentina decided to stop the export of beef in order to halt the price increase in the country. As a reaction, the farm industry organizations will completely stop the commercialization of beef for 9 days.

Cryptocurrency Gains Interest In Argentina As Trust in Peso is Low

Cryptocurrency attracts more investors from Argentina as inflation depreciates the value of peso.

Morocco Evaluates The Business Opportunity of Exporting Cannabis

The business of cannabis for medical, cosmetic or industrial use could be more profitable than illegal production for farmers. The first market for export would be Europe.

South Africa Bans Captive Lions Hunting But Lets Wild Lions To Be Killed

Captive lion hunting was banned for economic reasons as it will help repositioning South Africa’s image for tourism. Wild lion hunting is still allowed.

Ethiopia Soon Decides on Telecom Liberalisation Winners

Ethiopia is one the last business opportunities for telecom operators to conquer a new market. But it isn’t as attractive as expected.