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Norway Invests in Ghana’s Digital Future. Why?

Norway decided to help 14,000 Ghanaians to acquire job-ready digital skills in the next 3 years. The investment is a small but telling example of the close business relation between Norway and Ghana since 2007.

Danone: A Visionary C.E.O. Defeated by Financial Realism

The board of directors of Danone decided that Emmanuel Faber would step down as chairman and C.E.O. with immediate effect.

Google Advertisers Will Pay an Extra Fee for Ads in France And Spain

Google told advertisers they would pay a fee on ads served in France or Spain. The move is in reaction of regulations taxing the revenue of big tech companies.

A Pandemic Side Effect: Car Makers Are Last In Line In The Microchip Shortage

The pandemic increased demand in micro chips. This shortage has also an impact on cars makers

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