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7 Doses of Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine In Each Vial With Syringes in High Demand

A French study proved some syringes can actually extract 7 doses in Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine vials, highlighting the importance of medical device during the pandemic.

Bowel cancer and colonoscopy inequities in New Zealand

New Zealand launched a national program for fight colorectal cancer but a health centre publicly apologized for the lack of colonoscopy. Health professionals asked for a public inquiry in the context of unequal access to health services.

Get Vaccinated and Become a Millionaire

California launched a lottery with a $116.5 million in prize money to encourage people get vaccinated. It is the largest pot in a series of money-incentive state initiatives.

First Man Vaccinated from Covid Died

William Shakespeare, the homonym of the famous writer, died in a Coventry hospital from a disease unrelated to Covid-19. He was the first man in the world who received a Covid vaccine.

Controversy Over Cigarettes as Essential Goods in Chile

Some health organizations requested tobacco to be removed from the list of essential goods during Chile’s quarantine. The authorities eventually removed the entire list, along with the controversy.

Irish Drink More Than A Pint A Day

On average, rish drank the equivalent of more than 200 litres of beer every year. Alcohol consumption is still the same as 30 years ago but beer is being replaced by wine and spirits.