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High Demand of Nestlé Milk to Fight Covid in Indonesia

After videos spread the idea that Bear Brand, a milk produced by Nestlé, helps against Covid-19, Indonesia has been running out of the product.

Human Urine Essential to Sustainable Farming?

Research estimates that using human urine as a fertilizer could be part of a sustainable farming system. And make Europe self-sufficient in food by 2050. Is it possible?

Mouse Plague Forces Prison Transfers in Australia

Mouse recently damaged a prison but the plague has hit Australia hard for several months now. The situation may last for another year.

7 Doses of Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine In Each Vial With Syringes in High Demand

A French study proved some syringes can actually extract 7 doses in Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine vials, highlighting the importance of medical device during the pandemic.

Bowel cancer and colonoscopy inequities in New Zealand

New Zealand launched a national program for fight colorectal cancer but a health centre publicly apologized for the lack of colonoscopy. Health professionals asked for a public inquiry in the context of unequal access to health services.

Get Vaccinated and Become a Millionaire

California launched a lottery with a $116.5 million in prize money to encourage people get vaccinated. It is the largest pot in a series of money-incentive state initiatives.

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