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Nikola Tesla on Croatian Euro Coins?

One of the figures to be minted on Croatia’s euro coins will likely be Nikola Tesla. But Serbia claims his legacy.

In Cyprus, Get One’s Property Back but Recognize a Turkish Cyprus

Turkish President wants to restore properties to their owners in Varosha (Maraş), an area considered as a ghost town in Northern Cyprus. But it would mean recognizing a Turkish Cyprus.

State-owned Czech Radio Blacklisted in Russia

Moscow decided to ban access to the Russian version of a Czech state-owned broadcast station. Authorities would target an article from 2001. But the decision was made amid the highest tensions between the countries in 30 years.

World Bank Withdraws Education Report on The Philippines for Now

The World Bank published a report that authorities considered to be insulting the Philippines. The World Bank momentarily withdrew it without refuting the conclusions.

Israeli Citizenship Law Extension Blocked for the First Time in 13 years

The amendment of the Citizenship law that bans Palestinians who marry Israelis to obtain legal status was not extended for the first time in 13 years.

Turkey Withdraws from Istanbul Convention

As announced in March, Turkey withdrew from the Istanbul Convention on the prevention of violence against women. It contradicted Turkish authority’s views on homosexuality.

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