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Philippines Postpones Withdrawal of U.S. Troops Again

The Philippines abrogated a military cooperation with the United States. But the suspension was postponed again.

Switzerland Rejects Climate Laws

Switzerland voted for the applications of 5 laws and initiatives. All three related to climate change and the environment were rejected. The Covid-19 and Antiterrorism laws were accepted.

Nigeria Blocked Twitter Over Political Resentment

Nigeria has been blocking Twitter for a week. Yet, Twitter had just opened offices to reach the West African market. The decision comes after months of political resentment against the platform.

Instagram Troll Managed From Brazil’s President Office

Facebook removed a fake Instagram account which published memes against former Bolsonaro allies. It was managed from public buildings’ networks.

Italian Troops Leave Afghanistan

After 20 years, the remaining 500 Italian soldiers left Afghanistan. Only the engineers stayed to remove the infrastructure.

With New Immigration Law, Denmark Can Outsource Refugees

Denmark approved a law allowing it to relocate refugees while their cases are being processed. International community is concerned with this new anti-immigration move.