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Sudan Further Alleviates Its Debt With $5bn To Be Cancelled by France

The French President announced he would abandon the Sudanese debt of $5 billion. The announcement from Sudan’s 2nd largest creditor is the biggest step in a series a financial relief provided by western economies since the Sudanese democratic transition.

National Strike Against Tax Reform in Colombia to Support Covid Costs

Colombians protested in the street against a tax reform that would collect up to 2% of the GDP. The efforts requested while the Covid-19 crisis isn’t over yet draws harsh criticism from all parts.

Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan Can’t Agree on Nile Dam

Disagreements on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia are still unresolved. Egypt feels vulnerable, Sudan gets a tougher approach, Ethiopia rejects colonial-era treaties. And the reservoir are soon going to be filled for the 2nd year without an agreement.

Italian Red Brigade Members Extradited From France Decades Later

France arrested and is going to extradite members of the Red Brigade in a joint operation with Italy.

Life Imprisonment for Mafiosi Unconstitutional in Italy

The sentence of life imprisonment is inconsistent with the Italian constitution. Mafiosi will not need to cooperate with judicial authorities to apply for parole.

New Zealand Creates The First Māori Health Authority

The New Zealand Health Minister announced the creation of an independent health authority dedicated to Māori as a way to reduce healthcare inequities.