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In Rotterdam, Irritating Sound to Deter Gathering

Rotterdam will buy more Mosquito alarms to stop people loitering around parks at night. The devices make an irritating sound only heard by people under 25.

In Indonesia, a Man Travels With a Veil and Wife’s PCR Test

According to CNN Indonesia, a man flew with his wife’s PCR test, disguised with a veil. CHe got tested and was positive to Covid-19.

74% of Brazilian Police Wants Regulated Access to Firearms

If only 10% of the Brazilian police force wants a broad access to firearms for civilians, they seem more favorable to the ownership of weapons than the population.

Maps Created to Avoid Riots and Looting in South Africa

A week of violence in South Africa led to more than 100 deaths. In the meantime, two initiatives reference hazardous areas in interactive maps.

Monaco Deploys a Digital Identity System

Since June 28, Monaco citizens and residents are able to have a digital identity. The Principality claims to be one of the most advanced countries. Yet, it provides services common to many countries so far.

Belgium Medicine Exams: Half of Applicants From Abroad

The French-speaking part of Belgium registered a high increase of applicants for the entry exams in medical studies. Half of them are not Belgians.

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