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Diamond Hopes Crushed in South Africa

Some stones found in a South African village were thought to be diamonds. As hundreds rushed into the area, the stones are actually quartz.

Saudi Arabia Announced Plan for Hajj Pilgrimage

Saudi Arabia restricts Hajj only to Saudi and local residents for the second year in a row because of concerns about the pandemic situation. Only 60,000 people immune of Covid-19 can attend vs. 2.5 million in 2019.

The Story of Anom, the App Used by Criminals Created by the F.B.I.

An international operation involving 16 countries used encrypted messages sent through Anom, an app secretly developed by the F.B.I.

Large Bust of Cocaine in Australia Tipped by Casino Gambling

Large sums of money spent in casino led to an operation intercepting 1.7 tons of cocaine and the arrest of three men who could allegedly supply all the cocaine of New South Wales for a year

European Court Ruled Germany Persistently Infringed Air Quality Directive

Between 2010 and 2016, Germany systematically and persistently exceeded the limit values for nitrogen dioxide, the Court of Justice of the European Union said.

High Court of Ghana Accepts Dreadlocks In High School

Two students couldn’t attend the Achimota school because their dreadlocks were against the dress code. After a series of back-and-forth decisions, Ghana’s High Court of Justice ruled in favour of the 2 Rastafari.