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Humanitarian Aid With Masks And Cocaine in Colombia

In Colombia, the humanitarian plane carried face masks and cocaine. The scandal reached a TV celebrity whose husband own the plane.

No Coming Back, Remote Higher Education Is The New Norm In The Philippines

The Philippines Commission on Higher Education has adopted a policy in which remote learning is the new normal policy for the students this year and thereafter

Quebec Wants to Protect French From the Decline in Canada

The French language is in decline in the Canadian province of Quebec of over 8 million people, the 2nd province of Canada in terms of population, and the regional government wants to protect it.

Ireland Environment Performances Hurt By Poor Water Management and Excessive Parking for the OECD

Some Irish specificities cause environmental damage according to the OECD: parking space and water management system.

Historical Surname Change in Chile For Women Representation

Parents in Chile will now be able to give their children the surname of the mother in first position. But it may only break the male domination of surnames superficially.

France Refuses Teaching With A Median Period

The French Ministry of Education officially rejects teaching “inclusive writing” because the median period makes the language more complicated. It recommends to use both male and female nouns to refer to a group of people.