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4 U.S. Female Runners Think Transgender Athletes Are Unfair Competition

After losing a lawsuit, the four girls now go to the U.S. Court of Appeal to claim transgender athletes are unfair competition. They are supported by a conservative advocacy group.

A Vote May Ban Pesticides In Switzerland, And Impact Football Pitch

A citizen initiative mostly targeting food and agricultural products may ban synthetic fungicides in Switzerland, which could have consequences for the Football pitch.

An American Rapper Debuts in Pro BasketBall In Rwanda

The American rapper J. Cole, 36, debuted a basketball professional career in Rwanda, 2 days after his latest album, “Off-season”, was released.

Nike Shoes Help Elite Runners Less Than Thought

Nike’s footwear technology significantly decrease elite runners’ seasonal best times. Their benefits are yet smaller than previously found.

A Tennis Player Sells Arm and Uses Crypto to Fund Her Career

Oleksandra Oliynykova, a young professional tennis player, has sold lifetime tattoo and body arts exclusive rights of her arm against Ethereum.

Belize Football Team Briefly Held by Gunmen in Haiti

The Belize football team was briefly stopped by armed men in Haiti three days before their match in Port-Au-Prince.