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Some Dutch Travel to Serbia for a Vaccine Shot

Serbia opened its vaccination to foreigners for free. The country inoculated doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine close to the expiry date

What Netflix’s Carbon Neutral Goal Doesn’t Say

Netflix plans to be carbon neutral but it removes a key factor into consideration: its users.

Will Irish Pubs Become the Next Start-up Incubators?

WIth the increase of remote work, Ireland will experiment the pubs as working hubs in order to develop rural areas

Norway Invests in Ghana’s Digital Future. Why?

Norway decided to help 14,000 Ghanaians to acquire job-ready digital skills in the next 3 years. The investment is a small but telling example of the close business relation between Norway and Ghana since 2007.

Two High School Students in Ghana Rejected Because of Dreadlocks

Two students in Ghana can’t enroll to a public school because of their dreadlocks. The school says it is against the rules, while others claim it is a discrimination against the Rastafari religion.

Belize Football Team Briefly Held by Gunmen in Haiti

The Belize football team was briefly stopped by armed men in Haiti three days before their match in Port-Au-Prince.