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Peru Counted All Votes of the Presidential Election

Nine days after the votes for the Presidential elections in Peru, all the ballots have finally been counted. But the winner will be announced once all the claims of irregularity will be reviewed

U.S. Federal Employees Soon With Juneteenth Holiday

The United States Senate unanimously passed the resolution establishing June 19 as the Juneteenth National Independence Day. This legal public holiday will commemorate the end of slavery in U.S. federal agencies.

Would Twitter Be Accountable For Its Content In India?

The new IT law in India could bring Twitter and other social media in court for their responsibility about the content published on their platforms.

Philippines Postpones Withdrawal of U.S. Troops Again

The Philippines abrogated a military cooperation with the United States. But the suspension was postponed again.

Indonesia Plans to Tax Premium Food Items

In a fiscal optimization reform, Indonesia plans to increase the value-added tax rate and remove food or education services from the non-taxable categories.

Moroccan King Instructed Affordable Tickets, Airline Complied

The Moroccan King asked the transportation industry to allow affordable tickets for Moroccans leaving abroad willing to come back in the country this summer.