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High Court of Ghana Accepts Dreadlocks In High School

Two students couldn’t attend the Achimota school because their dreadlocks were against the dress code. After a series of back-and-forth decisions, Ghana’s High Court of Justice ruled in favour of the 2 Rastafari.

Ghana Minister Mentions Her Lesbian Experience Even If Homosexuality Is Forbidden

A Minister in Ghana says she experimented homosexual experiences as a teenager exploring her sexuality in a country where homosexuality is a crime. She also thinks people should keep their sexuality private to avoid any problems.

Twitter Expands in Africa

Twitter announced expanding its presence in Africa by opening its headquarters in Ghana.

Norway Invests in Ghana’s Digital Future. Why?

Norway decided to help 14,000 Ghanaians to acquire job-ready digital skills in the next 3 years. The investment is a small but telling example of the close business relation between Norway and Ghana since 2007.

Two High School Students in Ghana Rejected Because of Dreadlocks

Two students in Ghana can’t enroll to a public school because of their dreadlocks. The school says it is against the rules, while others claim it is a discrimination against the Rastafari religion.