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In Indonesia, a Man Travels With a Veil and Wife’s PCR Test

According to CNN Indonesia, a man flew with his wife’s PCR test, disguised with a veil. CHe got tested and was positive to Covid-19.

High Demand of Nestlé Milk to Fight Covid in Indonesia

After videos spread the idea that Bear Brand, a milk produced by Nestlé, helps against Covid-19, Indonesia has been running out of the product.

Indonesia Plans to Tax Premium Food Items

In a fiscal optimization reform, Indonesia plans to increase the value-added tax rate and remove food or education services from the non-taxable categories.

Saudi Arabia Announced Plan for Hajj Pilgrimage

Saudi Arabia restricts Hajj only to Saudi and local residents for the second year in a row because of concerns about the pandemic situation. Only 60,000 people immune of Covid-19 can attend vs. 2.5 million in 2019.

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