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Italy Accuses of Tax Evasion

According to the Italian authorities, the online booking platform didn’t pay 153 million euros of valued-added tax between 2013 and 2019.

Italian Troops Leave Afghanistan

After 20 years, the remaining 500 Italian soldiers left Afghanistan. Only the engineers stayed to remove the infrastructure.

Italian Red Brigade Members Extradited From France Decades Later

France arrested and is going to extradite members of the Red Brigade in a joint operation with Italy.

Italian Island Budelli To Become Unoccupied

The only permanent resident of Budelli for 32 years will leave this small island between Corsica and Sardinia. Aged of 82 and tired of the fight against his eviction, he also fell in love.

Life Imprisonment for Mafiosi Unconstitutional in Italy

The sentence of life imprisonment is inconsistent with the Italian constitution. Mafiosi will not need to cooperate with judicial authorities to apply for parole.

One Million More People Faced Poverty in Italy in 2020?

According to preliminary results from Istat, there are 1 million more poor people in Italy in 2020 compared to 2019