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Unresolved Animal Welfare Issues Exposed in Norway

In 2019, the industrials promoted the guarantee of pig welfare after the publication of a video documentary. In 2021, videos show up again and contest issues have been resolved.

The Story of Anom, the App Used by Criminals Created by the F.B.I.

An international operation involving 16 countries used encrypted messages sent through Anom, an app secretly developed by the F.B.I.

European Countries Victims of Espionage by the U.S.

Denmark let the United States spy on political executives of Germany, France, Norway or Sweden between 2012 and 2014. The head of the Danish intelligence agency was dismissed in 2020 for failing to investigate indications of espionage.

The Norway-U.S. Military Agreement Russia Doesn’t Like

Russia has been criticizing the defence cooperation agreement between Norway and the United States facilitating American military training in Scandinavia. The Arctic Council was another opportunity for Russia to be heard.

Norwegians Want Their Own Flag On Top Of Town Halls

As Norway wants to adapt a legislation with Covid-19, Norwegians seem against the liberalization of flags flying on top of their buildings.

Norway Invests in Ghana’s Digital Future. Why?

Norway decided to help 14,000 Ghanaians to acquire job-ready digital skills in the next 3 years. The investment is a small but telling example of the close business relation between Norway and Ghana since 2007.