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U.S. Federal Employees Soon With Juneteenth Holiday

The United States Senate unanimously passed the resolution establishing June 19 as the Juneteenth National Independence Day. This legal public holiday will commemorate the end of slavery in U.S. federal agencies.

Philippines Postpones Withdrawal of U.S. Troops Again

The Philippines abrogated a military cooperation with the United States. But the suspension was postponed again.

The Story of Anom, the App Used by Criminals Created by the F.B.I.

An international operation involving 16 countries used encrypted messages sent through Anom, an app secretly developed by the F.B.I.

European Countries Victims of Espionage by the U.S.

Denmark let the United States spy on political executives of Germany, France, Norway or Sweden between 2012 and 2014. The head of the Danish intelligence agency was dismissed in 2020 for failing to investigate indications of espionage.

4 U.S. Female Runners Think Transgender Athletes Are Unfair Competition

After losing a lawsuit, the four girls now go to the U.S. Court of Appeal to claim transgender athletes are unfair competition. They are supported by a conservative advocacy group.

Get Vaccinated and Become a Millionaire

California launched a lottery with a $116.5 million in prize money to encourage people get vaccinated. It is the largest pot in a series of money-incentive state initiatives.

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